Basketball Tournament

The GCNY Basketball Tournament was held on Friday, May 4th. Tons of kids gathered to compete in basketball games, and win a trophy and waterproof bluetooth speakers! Sparkling ICE came and sponsored the event, and we sold GCNY t-shirts too! We raised money to continue to ship sports equipment to Africa. The event was overall Continue reading

Softball Game

Game Changers New York held two softball games for the Fire Island community. Beverages and snacks were sold and everyone had such a fun time. Kids from the age of 3 to adults in their mid-50's were playing and supported GCNY. Having the community gather in support of one cause was so meaningful.

Softball Tournament

GCNY organized two softball tournaments, one for the Williston Park community, and another for the Fire Island community. At the events, people bonded over a common goal of helping children in need. Everyone felt that they were contributing to the cause and making a difference.

Bake Sale

Many volunteers convened to prepare all of the baked good for the bake sale. The volunteers baked cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. There were even gluten free options! The baked goods were sold to the local community and an amazing sum of money was raised.

GCNY Kickoff Event

People from the Long Island community gathered at a tennis center where they played games of tennis and brought in their no-longer-needed sporting goods. We collected over 230 pieces of equipment. The event was a huge success!